Blood Donation Camp

 North Gujarat University, Patan

  23 March 2018.

Blood Donation Camp

The day was so important for those who’s family member, friend, Better Half were lost their life in protecting the nation, On this great day we the foundation has organized a camp for donation of blood, as we know that blood is so precious and people need it in accidental time period as they are also a human being for that our foundation has started #helping_hand.

This Project has various activities one of those is Blood donation, this camp was so greatly started by Siddhant Patel(Co-Chairman), Viral Patel(Co-Chairman) and Shrinal Patel. this event was held in HNGU, Patan. The experience was on the top of the world, great donor were highly supportive to foundation and made great memories by which we have reach an point from were we know that the people are good but situation make them to something else and people are also trying to be kind to make world great place to live.

Don’t let fools or mosquitoes suck your blood, put it to good use.

Donate blood and save a life