23-March Sahid Divas Celebration

 North Gujarat University,Patan

  23 March 2018.

23-March Sahid Divas Celebration

We as citizen of our nation never know that the armed forces of our country are on the border 24×7 and protecting the nation and people of it, for their families our foundation decided to donate some amount to them by which we can give some of gratitude to them as their Son/husband/brother/wife/daughter/daughter in law were very important person for our nation and to appreciate their bravery towards our nation. And also our foundation will never be back for protecting their families and citizen of country.

The Program was organized by Yuva Foundation, Aryavrat Nirman and Jayvidhya Foundation. And also Martyr Families were awarded with 51,000 Rupees. By this way we have shown our soul respect toward the soldiers of our Country.

It is the cause, not the death, that makes the martyr.